What to do when charged with Reckless Driving in Virginia

Reckless Driving in Virginia is a class 1 misdemeanor. A class 1 misdemeanor carries a potential fine of up t0 $2,500.00, potentially up to 1 year of jail time, and potentially a 6 month license suspension. In additional to the legal consequences, a conviction for reckless driving can also have an impact on your insurance, your employment prospections, etc.

If you’ve been charged with reckless driving, there are some things you can do prior to your court date which may help you get the charge reduced or dismissed.  You can take a safe driving course approved but the Virginia DMV, you can do some community service and log your hours to be presented to the court, and you can retrieve your driving record from the DMV’s website.  Taking these steps may assist you in achieving your goal of getting your charge reduced.  It would also be prudent to talk to an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases to discuss your possible defenses and other implications of a reckless driving conviction.

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